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Our company - the HO-HO BT.- was founded in 1994. During the first years the family enterprise had several activities, one of these was producing paper bags.

Considering the growing claims, we continously widened our assortement. At present we produce our bags in 4 paper quality, 16 size and with varied patterns. In case of order we can prepare individual bags.

Because of the increased demand of our stock we established relations with hungarian and foreign printing offices, so for today we obtain (import) the giftwrapping papers directly from the producers, in some case as the exclusive trader. Our assortement is constantly changing and widens.

At the moment our customers can choose from more than 100 kind of giftwrapping papers. In the spring of 1999 we opened our wholesale trade in Szigetszentmiklós, and in January 2002 we moved to a bigger building, where we offer numerous articles. Here you can find everything you need to high leveled wrapping at a fair price. In the season we also sell products for school.

You can see our detailed price-list and monthly sales on our site. Looking forward to interests of shoopkeepers and wholesale traders.

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